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2016 Marks 60 Years of Humble Service

60 Years of Humble Service:


Now We Need Your Help to Continue

Hard to believe our little shelter has been around for 60 years! To look back at the history of the shelter, it’s amazing to see how much we have changed and grown. Our facility started as just a few kennels, a garage and a house where all of the animals were housed together. The animals were housed and cared for in the best way possible and adoption fees were minimal. Veterinary care (beyond the very basic prevention) was a thing of the future. At the time of its creation, the shelter was considered a forward thinking idea. The founders were ahead owilber aka owenf the game when considering animal welfare for that time period. The shelter was created to keep abandoned dogs from research laboratories. The Humane Society also helps pets find new homes or reunite with their original owners. The creation of the Humane Society allowed healthy and happy animals more of an opportunity to find homes. As the years have passed and we have grown, so have our practices and procedures. We are now able to provide basic care and alter animals prior to their adoption. Thankfully, we are also able to rehabilitate some pets that otherwise would not have a second chance. Euthanasia is, and will always be a last resort.
Special fundraising has helped to pay for life-saving treatment for procedures, such as heartworm treatment and physical deformities. We stand strong as the only open access facility in the area taking in any animdeformed siameseal of any kind no matter their age, health or species. We strive to find placement with either a rescue, sanctuary or adoptive home for every animal we can, each and every day. Now we are beginning the endeavor of raising enough funding to build a new facility. This must be done before our current building sinks into the cistern below our feet. Currently, we are spending a large chunk of our regular donations on fixing doors, kennels, walls and floors. This greatly reduces the funding we have to care for the animals. In order to guarantee that we will be here and available to animals in need we need YOUR help to build a new facility tinjured hawko keep them safe. Without your assistance, we will not be able to continue our work helping the thousands of animals we do each year. We will not be able to house the needy nor care for the sick. We will be gone . . . without YOUR help, we will not be able to continue. Sooner than anyone can imagine, it will become too dangerous to be in this building for both the staff and the animals.

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