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Adopt a Cat Month

Adopt a Cat Month

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Each year we dedicate an entire month to focusing on cats and finding them homes. Yes, all year we are attempting to find as many loving and caring homes as possible but this is the time of year that most shelters are over flowing with unwanted kittens and cats. So it is especially important for us to focus on finding as many homes as possible. If you have been contemplating adding a 4-legged feline to your household and feel that now might be the time then please come down and see if anyone of our sweet cats catches your heart. We will take the time to try and help you find the right cat to fit in with your home and lifestyle. You might find that your new best friend has been waiting here for you!

Click here to see a list of available animals at the shelter.

If you have questions about adoption please visit our “To adopt or not to adopt. That is the question” page for more information or feel free to contact us if have any additional questions.


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