To Adopt or Not to Adopt. That is the question.

To Adopt or Not to Adopt. That is the question.


Morticia waiting patiently for her first family photo to be over so she can move on up and out to her new home!

Adoption is a really big commitment that is greatly rewarding.

Most of the animals that are looking for homes have had a rough start. Some have been abused or neglected. Some have been abandoned. Some have even had to experience the death of their owners. Each one has a story on how they arrived at the shelter. Occasionally, those stories tare at your heart or make you so upset you can’t stand it. Regardless, these animals are ready to find a home with a family that will love them and care for them until the end of their days. So if you are ready to find the purrfect fur-baby then lets see which animal that might be.


Nettie looking purrfect with her new Daddy!


Carmel cozy with her new Mom.

The first step to finding the right animal for yourself is to decide what kind of animal is right for you.

Are you a dog person? Do you prefer a cat? Small mammals are great companions as well and shouldn’t be over looked.

There are distinct differences in the care and demands of each of these. For example, if you decide a dog is right for you that dog is going to want to go out to go potty several times a day as well as need regular exercise. Training is a requirement in order to have a civilized canine companion because let’s face it, no one wants a ill-mannered fur-baby no matter how cute they are when they are being bad. Then, if you look at a cat there are a lot less involved as far as upkeep. They use a box to do their duty so if you happen to have a long day they aren’t going to be sitting uncomfortable waiting for you to go potty. They still need regular exercise but this is usually accomplished with the assistance of toys from the comfort of your own home. Using a laser light or other fun interactive toys rather then going for long walks or visiting the dog park daily. Don’t be fooled though. Cats require just as much attention and affection or they will also act out. If they feel they are being ignored they will find a way to let  you know in some way which may be caterwauling in the middle of the night or randomly play-hunting your toes! Small mammals are so diverse it’s a little hard to discuss them all here. If you are considering any animal research, research, research! The staff here at the shelter will help as much as possible as well.

A big consideration that a lot of people don’t think about is the financial responsibility you will have for your new pet. Yes we all know that purchasing food is a must but sometimes we forget about the other things like flea and tick prevention, heartworm prevention, regular vaccines and the occasional emergency. These things can add up (especially the emergencies since they can not be planned for!). While usually we can afford the basics for our furry kid and a lot of us are willing to forego some of the extras so we can give our pets what they need. The question is are you ready for it?

There is also another thing to consider. Are you or is anyone else in your life allergic? Believe it or not many animals end up in the shelter because someone was allergic to the animal. As some people have the unfortunate experience of dealing with daily allergies they can attest to the fact that it is never fun. So do you know if you are allergic? Is someone else in your home allergic? If you are unsure a great way to find out is to come visit the animals here. Spending time with them and getting to know they will serve two purposes; First, you will get a chance to see lots of different personalities so you can determine what kind of personality fits best with yours. Secondly, if you  are allergic it will likely become clear soon.

There are lots of other things to consider when getting a pet. After all, some of these animals could live to be more then 20 years old! We know it can be hard to prepare for the future so far in advance but we want to help you make the best choice for not only the animals but yours as well. So we have a short application process that involves the staff discussing all of these things with you to help you come to the best decision possible.

So if you are ready you can certainly begin your journey! You can view our available pets here.


Kismo heading home with his adopted family!