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Bowie has Left the Building!

Bowie SliderBowie has left the building! Many of you have been following Bowie’s story as well as supporting him while we have been trying to find him foster care so that he can undergo heartworm treatment. We have had several great families come forward offering to take Bowie home but unfortunately for Bowie they have not been a great fit. As is typical for a lot of Boxers, Bowie has a very high play drive and is ready to run, jump, bark and do it again all day! He loves to play and it is hard to keep him calm. Since heartworm treatment requires that he be kept very calm anything that would encourage him to play or even get excited could be catastrophic to his successful treatment. He could even die. All of the potential homes were happy, loving home but since he is such a happy excited guy, they just were going to have to much trouble keeping him calm. We had to make some tough choices as his caretakers here at the shelter. We began running out of time before we would have to start his actual injection of medication under the stress of living here at the shelter under strict confinement or have to start considering other harder realities.
So we began searching for alternatives and we found one. A Boxer specific rescue near Chicago has agreed to take in Bowie and treat him for heartworms. They are very familiar with the breed and offer training and rehabilitation for those that need it.  So while it was not our first choice and we would have loved to have been able to keep Bowie closer to home and see him get adopted , we are grateful that ultimately he is going to get wonderful care and will still get the opportunity to find a loving family to call his own in a few months once his treatment has been completed. They are sure to find a loving, knowledgeable family who will take great care of this handsome guy who will treat him as one of their own. Making sure he never ends up like he was when he first came through HSSI’s doors.
We are so grateful to everyone who has been with us for Bowie journey and to those of you who have been helping us financially. Without you Bowie would not have come this far or had a chance to be the happy sassy guy that all of us have come to know and love. So many people have been calling and asking about him and how he is doing and it make us all so happy to know that everyone cares so much about Bowie’s well being. Since Bowie came to us in such a rough condition, I wish we could convey to him how many of you were supporting him and letting him know that you were there helping to make sure he was going to be okay. We will continue our work trying to do what is best for the four legged friends who need us and we are thankful that we have your help along the way. If you have any questions regarding Bowie’s situation please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to answer any questions we can.

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  1. Elise 8 years old says:

    I love Bowie I hope he has a good life I hope he finds a good home and Leeds himself for adventures on his way.

    • hssi95@frontier.com says:

      Thank you! He went to a wonderful rescue up near Chicago, IL where they offer great rehabilitation and clinical treatments. We think that he was given a great start with them.

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