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Changes to our Pennies for Pets Program

Effective April 1, 2016: The cost to purchase a Pennies for Pets voucher will increase from $35 to $45. The Humane Society of Southern Illinois has helped alter pets since 1997. Since the beginning of the program, we have provided 7,703 vouchers to the public at the low cost of $35.  The price of a voucher has not been raised since the introduction of the program . During that time The Humane Society of Southern Illinois has, with the help of donations and grants, spent $523,450 to create the opportunity for those surgeries to happen. Unfortunately, the time has come that we cannot escape the inflation of our economy. The Shelter will continue to pay an additional matching cost of $45 to the participating veterinarian that does the procedure. We are grateful for your continued support with this program and hope to continue helping decrease pet overpopulation for many years to come! If you would like more information contact us. If you would like to make a donation to help support this program please visit our Donate page.Spay and neuter kittens

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  1. Lisa Hurt says:

    Do you offer any help with treatment for injured animals? My male feline came home with an eye injury & I have contacted several vet clinics asking if they would be willing to let me make payments. My husbands employers in the past 3 weeks have had 2 plant shutdowns.Each clinic has denied my request. He needs medical attention & at this time I do not have the funds to help him. A friend of mine did give me antibiotic eye drops & oral antibiotics. If there was a way to send you a picture to show you the severity of his injury I would. I can tell he has lost the vision in it as it is white but it also has what appears to be an abcess or possibly a object in it. I’m at a loss as to how I can further help him!Please if you know of anyone who would consider helping my baby Onyx we both would appreciate it very much.Thank You.

    • hssi95@frontier.com says:

      I hope you have already found assistance for your pet. If not and you are local to the area you might try St. Francis CARE or Timber Trails. Both of those offer medical care at a discounted cost for people would can prove low income status. Please contact them to see what type of proofs of income that they accept. We are unable to offer any types of assistance because we do not have a veterinarian on staff. I hope that this information is helpful. If you need any additional information please do not hesitate to ask.

      • Lisa Hurt says:

        Thank you for your concern for my baby Onyx. We were not able to get him the help he needed at the mentioned locations you mentioned. We were denied service because we went over the required amount to be considered low income by a few dollars.
        I have a friend who has a cat that also recieved an eye injury & she had a refill on antibiotics. One was an eye drop & the other was to be given orally. I researched the dosage amount for his age & weight & have been giving them to him & his eye is looking very much better. So much In fact that the white layer has dissipated & I can see the yellow & cornea to extent & I believe he will regain his vision. The medication also has a refill if needed my friend said she will get it for him.
        I was so upset when I couldn’t find any help & I truly did try to get him assistance & honestly I was mad ! I wasn’t trying to neglect him & he has never been abused but by the Vets refusal to help made me feel as if Onyx was being neglected & in a way abused by the very people who pledged to help our furry family & friends.I hope that he doesn’t develop another infection because I can’t tell if there is something stuck in his eye or not.
        Thank you again for your response & concern.

        Again, thank you for your response & concern.

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