Gifts that keep on giving!

Gifts that keep on giving!

Giving gifts is always hard for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries or whatever the occasion may be. Pet lovers or those who care about pet lovers are always wanting to get pet related gifts!

We think that’s an AWESOME idea!!!!!

(Trust us we know, we are pet lovers!)

So here at the shelter we want to help so we are always trying to come up with unique ideas and fun things that we can have available that not only fulfill that need but help animals as well! Check out the rest of this page and see if there is anything here that catches your eye and might just be what you are looking for!



12277200_1244761332216383_1300676418_nLooking for a way to show the world you love animals and support your shelter? Do you know an avid animal lover? If so one of our t-shirts might be just what you are looking for! We have a great variety or colors and sizes available including youth sizes as well. Please stop by the shelter or one of upcoming craft or gift events to pick up one for yourself and animal loving friends and family.

Giving is wonderful but how to decide?


Often times we want to give pets as a holiday gift. While often times that is a great idea it really is best to allow the person who is getting the pet to chose their own. After all they are the ones who are going to have to care for the animal and it is going to be their best friend (to read more about the pros and cons of giving a pet as a gift please click here). So we wanted to make it easy for you as the gift-giver and the recipient as well to make sure their new pet is the perfect fit. We created gift certificates! You can come into the shelter and purchase a gift certificate for the price of adoption and the person you are gifting can come in to start the adoption process themselves. The gift certificates are completely refundable so if for whatever reason it isn’t the right time for the recipient to bring home a new friend then you have the option to return it for the full adoption price.
Please contact us if you have any questions about the gift certificate process or about how to get one.

We are always coming up with other fun and exciting new things around here so don’t hesitate to ask us what we have going on and what we have available!

Please contact us for further information!