No-kill shelter list

No-kill shelter list

Many times people call us and are trying to find a placement for their pet but do not want their pet put down. Unfortunately, while we understand completely, we can not make any guarantees that an animal that is brought in will be placed up for adoption here or go to a no-kill shelter. Because of this we strongly recommend contacting no-kill shelters before bringing your pet to us. Below is a listing of several no-kill shelters in the area. At the bottom there are 2 that are located here is Murphysboro with us.


Association for the Protection of Animals Granite City, IL (618) 931-7030 GCAPA

Crittergal Rescue (Candy Thomas) Carterville, IL (618) 985-3833 Crittergal Rescue

House of Hope Humane Society Centralia, IL (618) 532-0489 Centralia Humane Society

PAWS Anna, IL (618) 833-3647 PAWS

Project Hope Humane Society Metropolis, IL (618) 524-8939 Project Hope Animal Shelter

Randolph County Humane Society Sparta, IL (618) 443-3363  Randolph County Humane Society

These 2 shelter are located here in Murphysboro, IL

St. Francis CARE Animal Shelter (618) 687-2079 St. Francis CARE Animal Shelter

Wright-Way Rescue Murphysboro, IL 618 208-1509 Wright-Way Rescue